We provide an at-home Personal Training service! Our team is is qualified in Personal Fitness Training, Conditioning for Sports, Pilates (both private and groups), NIA technique, Spinning, and various other forms of movement. They take pride in their work and thrive on working with people on a daily basis.

All of our trainers are fully mobile and commute to their respective clients homes and various class venues.

By carrying out regular spot checks we maintain a strict standard of quality and professionalism in the services we provide.

" A training program is like a recipe, put together all the right ingredients and you have a cake – but the secret is in the quantities of each ingredient, get these right and you have a masterpiece." - Ryan Norris

Along with a regular, goal orientated exercise routine we also encourage a 'balanced' goal specific nutrition plan. For this reason we often (with the clients permission) work along with recognised Dieticians and Nutritionists who monitor and direct our clients diets.

Among the services we provide are:

The majority of our training is not conducted in a gym, but rather considering the Western Cape's perfect climate, sandy beaches and spacious parks, we have the ideal environment to perform any form of training - wherever you choose. Our trainers can also train you in your home (if possible) should you prefer the privacy and convenience.

Training can be one to one. We prefer this as it allows for much more personalized attention to technique and is far more conducive to training, alternatively we also offer dual training sessions for 2 people with the same goals in mind. For a dual training session the couple/friends would need to be similar in body composition and physical capabilities.

The clients we train have included sports men and women looking to tweak their performance, people wanting to increase their overall fitness, men and women with weight-loss goals and executives looking to de-stress.

So how do you get started?

You can either send as a message detailling your goals or just send us a blank email and we'll contact you within 48 hours! info@thetrainers.co.za