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From time to time we run both Nia workshops and Raw - Nia workshops. At such workshops we focus on specific aspects of the Nia technique and aim to better understand ourselves in view of the chosen focus. We try to explore the full depths of the various principles of the Nia Technique.

The Raw - Nia workshops are workshops addressing 2 complimentary yet very different aspects of wellness. In these workshops we explore both the principles of the Nia Technique and we explore how to incorporate raw food eating into ones diet. Whether one is looking at a detoxification program or a complete change of lifestyle, this is definately the place to begin. At such workshops one can become fully equiped with all the necessary knowledge to being incorporating raw foods into ones regular diet.

Our raw food fundi is also available for ongoing support with ones Raw Food venture.

To find out more about our next Workshop type and date, please email info@thetrainers.co.za.

View our current Raw - Nia Workshop invite.