The majority of our Personal Training sessions are conducted outdoors, taking into consideration the Helderberg Basin's perfect climate, sandy beaches and spacious parks, we have the ideal environment to perform any form of training - wherever you choose. Our trainers can also train you in your home (if space allows) should you prefer the privacy and convenience.

"Our training methods are unique, fun and effective - based primarily on functional training techniques."

We encourage our clients to improve their agility and dexterity through body-weight training and compound exercises wherever possible, progressing to closed-chain compound exercises in the more advanced workouts.

Most of the weight training we encourage is conducted with light-weights (Strength Endurance training). Body-weight exercises and cardiovascular exercise are typically done outdoors (can be performed indoors if preferred).

" A training program is like a recipe, put together all the right ingredients and you have a cake – but the secret is in the quantities of each ingredient, get these right and you have a masterpiece."
Ryan Norris

We encourage our Personal Training clients to consult with a dietician or nutritionist at the beginning of their training course. We hope that they would then continue with this 'balanced' goal orientated nutrition plan for the remainder of the course. If ones diet is on the right track from the start it can prevent a lot of frustration further down the line. Especially for persons training for weight loss, diet influences at least 60% of ones total loss.

All of our 'trainers' are fully mobile and commute to their respective clients homes.

We prefer training one on one as this allows for much more personalized attention to technique and is far more conducive to training. We also offer training for multiple persons or small groups up to 5. In such a case all 5 would have to commit to th
e same goals, the same training program and would have to have the same physical capabilities.

Benefits of Personal Training sessions include:

So how do you get started?

You can send us an email detailing your goals